I'm trying to find a way to manage my aniexty better. I'm finding it hard to snap out of moments and my mind isn't escaping


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Orthodox_Derek


    Have you started cognitive behavioral therapy with a licensed therapist?

    • Victoria1989


      I haven't I'm about to move and have to wait to figure out a new therapist

  • Wolfy96


    Do you have a coping skills kit? I carry mine around me religiously. It has a journal, bubbles, silly putty, a stress ball, my 3ds, and my smokes. Making a care package to have with you kind of helps because you have different coping skills to try. I know how bad anxiety gets and trust me it’s no fun. My counselor came up with this idea and so far it has helped me through a bunch of anxiety attacks. When the coping skills bag doesn’t work I take hydroxizine and it helps calm me down.

  • tallimae


    One thing I always like to do when my anxiety is bad is just write things down. It makes you slow down your thoughts so you can write them down. It always seems to calm me! Good luck❤️

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