My Jaw got subluxed last year and turned into a TMJ. It hasnt been aggravated in a while but now I am experiencing pain close to the surface around my temple and eyes. Is this from the TMJ? Is this a sign of it worsening and how do I work with this? Ive never had this issue before. My own pain cream has menthol in it so I cant use it on my face unless the pain is worse than burning eyes lmao.

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    I have this same problem and for me personally I do believe my temple, brown bone, cheek bone pain is due to my TMJ dysfunction. The muscles are pulled tight around the joint and jaw. I do warm compresses and massages but it’s definitely one of my most prevalent problems. Also don’t force your jaw to do more than it can.

  • alcane


    TMJ can give me a lot of issues like that, too. Sometimes it flares up for me when the weather changes. I suggest getting a warm compress and putting one hand in the dip between your jaw and ear and massaging for a bit. Rubbing your temples also helps (for me)

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