how do you guys deal with derealization if you get it. I constantly feel like i’m living in a dream and it’s scary.. need some help

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  • lolimawk


    for me i used to not be able to really feel my arms. i felt detached from my body. reminding yourself this id a symptom of high stress and anxiety made me feel a bit better

  • Quinee


    I know the feeling well, really scary. Every time I feel like this, I do mindfulness exercises that help me connect back to myself here and now ... It does not always work for me, but when it does - it gives me a great sense of relief …

  • Lora


    Maybe it's a symptom of not being connected to yourself. I know I have it. I Try to do grounding activities like mindful breathing, writing my thoughts or just paying more attention to how I feel and all my senses - what I smell, see, hear etc.

  • layayaya


    I’ve been dealing with dissociation a lot recently as well! Some things that I’ve been finding help me feel even just a little more connected is putting an ice pack on my head (alternating between like forehead, back of head, top, temples, etc) and trying out a guided meditation on the Breathe app! I find trying to connect to my senses doesn’t help me feel grounded so I’ve been trying different things with the cold sensation to help

  • RosieFairy


    I find when I'm dissociating that smell specifically is a good grounding sense for me. Because of that I keep some oil perfumes that i really like the smell of with me at all times. My friends and family know where it is so they can help me access them

  • Ellen


    I use breathing techniques, just focus on my breath, try to slow it down, pay attention to my body and where I feel my breathing the most- chest, throat, nose. Also as others said you can ask yourself questions regarding other senses- what do you hear? How do you feel? Etc..

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