I take three medications. But two of them are the same for my bipolar. But I am angry. Because I wish there was a pill for bipolar, depression, and anxiety. All wrapped in one. So please help me. I wish I knew a pill for all three diagnoses.🙏

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  • Arsun


    Aripiprazole really helped me with anger.

  • frustratedshelley101


    I found out about the side effects of aripiprazole. One of them is weight gain and my bmi is 81.3

  • Kattgurl


    Pills aren't the only solution. You should have counseling alongside the meds..I don't know your age but I know patience and knowledge are key. There is no quick fix to mental illness. There's never going to be an " all in one pill".. It's a long journey and it's not an easy one,but have faith in yourself,love yourself. You will get there.My advice on the weight gain is to be as active as you can. I found my anxiety could be helped with just moving around and with meditation,breathing exercises.. Blessings to you🤗🤗🤗

  • Sharon


    Hi! I hear your frustration, it’s so hard taking all those pills.. sometimes I feel there is so much wrong with me! I have to say, though, that as long as I keep up with the work I’m doing in therapy, I can understand more and feel better regarding my hardships…

  • Kait115


    Mood stabilizers have helped my bipolar and anxiety.

  • Popeye


    Yeah me too I have to take pills for anxiety, bipolar, ADHD, insomnia and PTSD. And anger. It really does suck. I think the best thing to do is to try to make it as quick as possible. Sometimes I have to have someone else make me take them or I ignore it and that's not good for anyone. When I first started the pills I had to check my blood pressure 3× a day. It's so frustrating. Having patience is important and making sure to go places that make you happy and tbh I just try avoiding them or even seeing them until it's time. I wish there was a magic pill but there isn't. It's possible you might be able to use 1 pill instead of 2 for depression and anxiety.

  • Popeye


    *or not even seeing them

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