so I feel like when I talk to my psychiatrist about what is going on he dismisses me by speaking over me and not letting me voice how I feel. His solution when I tell him my meds don't feel like they are working is to up the dosage rather than discuss alternative options or trying something new. my anxiety and depression is sky high feeling like I qm ignored like it doesn't matter what I say he already feels this is what is needed. What should I do to feel more validated because I am getting to a point I no longer wish to talk to him about whats going on and just getting sessions over with.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • JoJo71


    I'd get another therapist. You need someone who listens to you not dismisses you. If you are getting nothing good, try to find someone else.

    • mandapanda0216


      well easier said than done until my Medicare comes in he is with mhmr here in Texas and I see him for free at the moment.

      • livvie361


        honestly that whole system sucks. I'm in the cc area and was told since I have insurance I can't afford them. I have zero income though.

  • FutureNurse


    Yup.. I was in the same boat a couple months ago. I ended up switching psychiatrists because mine wouldn’t listen. It turns out, I was heavily over medicated. I have switched 2 of my 3 psychiatric meds and feel so much more alive

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