I’m so fed with psych meds and a psychiatrist who doesn’t listen. I’m getting tired of being put on med 2,3,4 times only for them to work for a little bit and all of a sudden stop working.

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  • Tomato


    Be patient. It takes time for these meds to kick in. If they suddenly don’t work anymore, you might need a higher dose or another med

  • SmileySnail


    I'm really sorry to hear about this situation you're in. How long does it take for the meds to stop working? Is it a few weeks, a few months, a year? I know tolerances can be built up pretty quickly

  • Kris_TheDumbo


    I 100% agree. Whenever I take my meds they never work yet I've been on the same medication for 2 whole years, and they've done absolutely nothing at all. I don't understand why they don't work and it really confuses me. Doc says I should stay on them but the little to no changes tells me otherwise.

  • koalaechidna42


    Its important to find a provider that will listen to you. I got sick of going to this one doctor that had a med work for her and a lot of her patients so she didnt understand why it wasnt working for me. Now I use k health and I talk to different providers all the time. There is a monthly amount I pay to use it but I get to talk to different providers all the time so if one doesnt listen I can always just ask the next one about it. They check in with me every month when its time for my refills and the times it didnt seem like the meds were working it was really easy for me to try something else. I know its hard but its important to advocate for yourself. If the meds aren't doing anything for you, it doesn't make sense for you to keep taking them. Also make sure if you're going to stop taking them that you wean yourself off of them.

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