Hey does anyone else take a minute to process what someone says to you? Like as a direct symptom from your auditory processing disorder. Also I just can't hear as well as most people.

Sensory Processing Disorder

Attention-Deficit Disorder

Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder

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  • royalty


    Yes that's a big thing with ADHD and autism. I have slow processing speed so sometimes when someone talks to me it feels like I didn't hear them but then what they said comes through my brain and I respond halfway through them repeating themselves 😂

  • Starfallintheveil


    Yes! People around me often misunderstand that I am unintelligent, but really I just can't hear and understand the way they do. It was quite depressing before I got diagnosed, but now that I know it's simply quite frustrating to be misunderstood all the time

  • Swaglord87


    Happens to me all the time

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