Random question: does anyone else ever feel like they need to pee shortly after they just went pee? Like I know I don't have to go. I know it's at UTI symptom but I don't have a UTI. I'm wondering if it's possibly a POTS symptom

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

Urinary Tract infection

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  • stormithegay


    I've recently started getting this! I'll get the feeling I need to pee right after I just did.

    • Soulrose


      same . I just thought I empty my bladder and I have to pee again

  • yogurt


    Frequent urination can be a pots symptom cuz it’s also a part of the autonomic nervous system so yeah it probably is

  • SJP


    Yes, and it's because of my lack of nerves (or lack of nerve functioning) in/near my bladder. I also do get regular UTIs, too.

  • Tinyty


    I kept wondering this too but turned out I have atrophy down below I am a trans man so I have female parts still till I ever have surgery

  • kat_hleen


    I had that too, but I think for me it’s because my cardiologist had me up my water intake and my body just isn’t used to it yet

  • AstraPenn


    I have this a lot too I thought it was from urinary tract infections but they’re like repetitive.

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