I have suffered from frequent to chronic unitary tract pain/infection for as long as I can remember (even as a child). It’s obviously gotten worse in adulthood as I started my menstrual cycle and became sexually active. No help from doctors other than antibiotics (🙄) and telling me to pee after sex (duh) or stop drinking coffee (ummm…). I will try anything. I’m desperate and it has begun to affect my QoL.

Urinary Tract infection

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  • Honey_B


    Same happened to me- I recommend either finding a female doctor and tell her explicitly “this is ruining my life I need help” and try to get a referral to a specialist, or if you can, go straight to a urologist who specializes in women’s health. Wishing you luck 💕

  • AnneMarie


    Thank you! I’ve been putting off seeing a urologist for a while and I will insist my doctor refer me on my next visit. I realize this is likely the quickest/safest way to get the help I need

  • Adria.B


    I struggled with the same thing as well, especially after Intamacy. I recommend asking about something called nitrofan. It is something my OBGYN proscribed and it’s an antibiotic I take after every intimate moment and I haven’t had a UTI since!

  • ChickenNugget


    I will definitely ask about nitrofan. I also have chronic UTIs and while I get them outside of intercourse as well, it is one major reason for them. I always use the bathroom after, I drink tons of water and also we use steril wipes after. However, I still get them every few weeks. I do take daily probiotics consistently since I often have to end up taking antibiotics again. I was on a low-dose daily antibiotic that worked well, but daily antibiotics are not a solution forever :(

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