A little freaked out by how quickly and intensely I’ve had venous/circulation issues arise recently? I have been experiencing all sorts of chronic symptoms that fall under a typical EDS umbrella since I had covid in January, but then two weeks ago I looked down as I was taking a shower and discovered that the color of my legs was split directly in half w/ the outer halves being very mottled and bluish and the inner looking normal. Since then, it’s advanced so much. I can’t hold up my phone for more than a few minutes until my hands go completely cold. It’s like the coldness and pins-and-needles is just their constant state now. 24/7 it’s happening at least somewhere. I haven’t been diagnosed yet but from research it seems like POTS to me? Anyways - really alarmed and confused by how randomly it was brought on and how quickly it progressed to being a constant… This isn’t a question oops, just looking for support or similar experiences or info I guess?

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • cmkk1997


    Sounds like POTS to me. I have the same symptoms. Get referred to a heart doctor, he'll diagnose and start you on some medication. Mine has really improved my quality of life and I'm able to stand longer and actually work out without fainting. Good luck to you 💕

    • Alli_Apple


      Thank you! This was affirming and validating to hear. 🥲 Definitely going to start looking into doctors asap. ❤️

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