hello everyone, i am really struggling. gaining weight like crazy, I don't sleep. I'm exhausted. I'm just not me



Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Lorita


    Do you take your meds? What is your TSH? It looks like you are not well controlled….

  • Peanut1T


    I feel exactly the same. I try to walk every day but the weight doesn't disappear. I try to limit my carbs to a one cup serving and tried many diets. I have hypothyroidism and migraines, and insomnia, and anxiety with panic attacks, and PTSD.

    • Seahorse


      Walking NEVER worked for me. I was not in great shape but I made myself ride a bike for about 15 min every other day and because it got my heart rate up more it worked really well. It only took 1 month to increase my stamina & I lost a good bit if weight! Whatever you can tolerate AND speed up the heart is best. I also did not stress at all about diet. I only told myself to eat more fruit and vegetables & drink water. That's it!!

      • Peanut1T


        good for you!! 👏 That's wonderful. I don't have the balance to ride a bicycle so that's why I walk. I drink about 4 bottles off water a day on average. I've also tried apple cider vinegar pills and green tea pills to help but they don't seem to work. Cinnamon helps suppress my appetite. And I started protein shakes. They help curb my snacking.

  • NiqueMK


    It’s hard! I usually have a hard time with sleep as well and energy levels are so low. Mentally struggling as well. Exercise helps, as well as a good diet that caters to ppl with hypothyroidism. No gluten, no dairy! But even with that it can still be hard so try to stay in communication with your doctor.

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