Has anyone consulted with a nutritionist to help determine a special diet plan to get the nutrition you need while avoiding the foods that hurt you? Was it ultimately beneficial?




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Abdominal Distention

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  • Lexie55


    My doctor had me go to a dietitian, which involves more training than nutritionist. She gave me some tips and then I made the deal that I would try to get 1,500 calories a day in exchange for her leaving me alone.

  • Kobo


    My doctor referred me to a nutritionist. She told me my diet should be low in fat and in non-digestible fiber, like rye or rice.

  • wreckedwill2017


    Yes, helped my vomiting and labs. I was getting to very low protein in my labs, and even worsening anemia. I’ve cut almost all fiber out of my diet, dramatically reduced my fat content, upped my protein even through shakes when I have to go to fluid diet only due to flares. I’ve found better shakes, with less sugar, less fat and more protein etc. It was a big help for me. Still have my lows, still vomit and have diarrhea and pain and bloating, but it’s less severe.

  • GPgal


    Yes, they didn’t help much. Just told me what I already know about low fiber/low fat.

  • Cai


    I haven’t because I have so few safe foods right now, there wouldn’t be a huge point if all I can eat is like three foods anyways :/

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