i eat too much and often unhealthy foods but then i’m sad that i’ve gained weight. i can’t seem to stop myself even though i want to. any ideas?


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  • SkylerRose


    Fruits and vegetables have no limits when it comes to eating. And most often, people eat when they are actually thirsty.

  • EvilMadood09


    That is called binge eating it’s when you eat so much even when you’re not hungry and it is a kind of eating disorder it’s rough I’ve been through it

  • Airplant


    i’ve recovered from binge eating disorder and honestly the best thing for me was to give myself permission to eat, even if it was deemed “unhealthy” and not to guilt myself after binges. it’s this restrictive mindset that always perpetuated the binge-restrict cycle. once you get to the point where it’s no longer an addictive reflex it’s just a matter of intuitive eating and never putting pressure on yourself. Also try reading Brain Over Binge, that book helped a bit in my recovery process.

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