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Ive never been anorexic long enough to be diagnosed or to feel like it's "serious enough" because i also have a binge eating disorder (also unofficial diagnosed), but I've fallen into it again. I've started calorie counting and working out to try to stop my binging, but it's gotten to the point I'm both mad at myself and proud when i eat less than 1200cal a day. Some days i only eat 500-800. Last summer i had a seizure from hypoglycemia due to not eating, and I'm scared im going to get there again. I don't want to tell my therapist until I've lost enough weight though and i check the scale every day to see how I'll feel about myself that day. I haven't been losing weight like i want to either which is making it harder to Want to eat a healthy amount and part of me doesn't care if i get another seizure. Idk what to do. I've tried for over a decade to just be neutral with my body but I hate how i look so much the only way i see myself being ok is being skinnier. And i know nothing anyone says is going to change my mind or get me to stop. I just wanted to talk about it because I know this isn't right but I've never been able to lose weight in a healthy way without falling into this and i don't want to tell anyone i know because i know they'll try to stop me.

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      Binge eating disorder can be very painful, especially if it stems from trying to lose weight in the first place. But the two are connected. If you deprive yourself of food you will begin to binge uncontrollably. This happened to me so I tried to starve myself to make up for the binging, but it only made it happen more. I overcame this by allowing myself to eat whatever whenever. If you do not deprive yourself of anything then eventually you’ll body will not feel the need to binge. It might be rocky for the first few days. You might still binge at first and that can be terrifying. If you find yourself counting calories you will notice that you might overeat a lot at first, but that’s okay. It will lead to recovery. If you give yourself true freedom, you will eventually develop natural healthy eating habits. Food will not consume your life anymore. If you would still like to lose weight for your health, be very careful as to do it in a healthy way. The line between dieting and disordered eating is very blurry. I suggest seeing a nutritionist for this. But do not think about losing weight until you first restore your relationship with food.

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