i’m really new to my diagnosis, can i ask for advice?

is it normal for me to go back and forth between hating and loving my friends and family? some days i feel like i never want to see them again and others i feel so clingy and obsessed with them its scary. is that part of BPD or should i look into something else?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • magalito


    hi sweetheart! that’s absolutely part of bpd: it’s called splitting, where we go back and forth between thinking people are perfect and people are terrible. to cope with trauma our brain became wired to think either black or white, never anything in between 💕

  • JesusChild777


    Sweetheart u are not alone I deal with this constantly thankfully your brain wiring can be changed it takes time just remember bpd behaviors can be changed but it takes time u are not alone.

  • vice2410


    Hey. Yeah having BPD can cause black and white thinking. If you are really worried about it though I would bring it up with your Dr/psychiatrist/therapist and see what they say or think

  • MacMacabre


    Yes that is and it’s totally normal love. Feel free to reach out to me. I’ve been diagnosed since 2016

  • kkiqra


    that’s absolutely typical of bpd. That’s probably one of the worst symptoms for me personally. I honestly don’t know how to fix it, but you’re not alone. I know it can be scary and confusing.

  • Carolshine


    I actually just had a great idea. Maybe some sort of journal with each persons name at the top of a page. Write down the negative and positive things you feel about them when in said moods. And eventually after some caring and some not caring, maybe you can create a couple of sentences that make that person seem more “grey.” So like if you said my mom can be so rude about my relationship with my partner one day. And another day you say I love and crave my mother’s comfort when you’re feeling depressed. Then, you can bring the two together in a “wise mind” (dbt term) statement. Resulting in something like “Although I cannot confide in my mother about my current relationship, I am glad that I can come to her for comfort when I’m feeling depressed about other things.” Idk I just had the idea, probably needs some tweaking but hopefully this will help you find some middle ground eventually. I’m going to try it out.

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