I’d really like to know coping methods or medications that may help me w my hallucinations or flashbacks? I know breathing techniques and certain grounding techniques but neither help me and tend to amplify the situation unfortunately.



Chronic Memory Loss


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  • Gecko


    The only reason i am asking here is in preparation for speaking to my new therapist and psych im seeing in a couple days! I want things to be able to bring up that we can talk abt.

  • KittyKartchner


    Have you tried asking a code friend of what you're seeing is real? I ask my husband if what I see is real a lot. It helps me differentiate reality from my broken brain

  • Bee02


    What helps me is facing them head on. If I see or hear something I have to remember that what I’m seeing or hearing isn’t real and that I have control over it.

  • kapsemaj


    What do u mean by flashbacks? I have some I think and I can't tell if they actually happened or not. I hope not.

  • Muffie


    I was put on Topamax for PTSD flashbacks, and I am on a antipsychotic for hallucinations.

  • Nettie98


    Whenever I have hallucinations, flashbacks, or I think I'm dreaming I have my own item that only I know the weight and feel of it. Kinda like the movie Inception. It helps me tune back into reality and calms me.

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