at the tattoo parlor for my first, my hands wont stop sweating and im so sweaty and everything is sweaty and i cant stop rocking 🤣😭someone pls give me some ideas for how to make it less. i have gum already

Excessive Sweating

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Snowy


    Distraction can be really helpful! I don't know anything firsthand about tattoos - needle phobia over here, I'd just pass right out - but I do have lots of friends with lots of tattoos. Something I've heard a lot is having headphones and music can help so you aren't focusing on the sound of the tattoo gun. You can take breaks throughout the tattooing process if it gets to be too much. If you can, listen to your favorite music and play a game on your phone or watch your favorite show. Anything to keep yourself distracted. Best of luck to you! You are braver than I 😂😁

  • Harleypie


    Congrats! Try to distract yourself while you wait. Once it starts that anxiety should melt away because it is not as bad as you are anticipating it. I believe in you!

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