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today my doctor told me that my cholesterol and triglycerides are way too high. i’m only 18 and skinny and he said he usually doesn’t see this in people my age or size. he said it puts me at risk for an aneurysm because i also have a connective tissue disorder. (my dad died from an aortic aneurysm from an underlying connective tissue disorder) a couple of weeks ago i fainted and i have been in a lot of pain so i knew something was off. so i’m just having a lot of anxiety about my health and wanted to share. if anyone has any advice to calm my nerves it would be greatly appreciated 💚

    • goblin49


      I'm sorry that's happening, I do understand the anxiety part and it makes sense especially when you have seen this affect someone else. It's hard with health, it can just feel so out of your control. I try to remember that it's okay to reach out to those closest to you, despite this fear and lack of control. They can help you tackle those tough situations, especially if they know what's going on and how they can possibly help you. Allow yourself to lean on others a little so you can have a mental weight off your shoulders, even if you can't get the physical weight off. I also think it's good to do a little rational researching. In the times you're not feeling so anxious, I think it's good to look into the incidences of aneurysm and how those can be prevented for your situation, as well as talking to your doctor about the most practical ways to stay healthy overall without overdoing it. Knowledge about what's going on and what research looks like about treatment options usually makes me feel a little bit more comfortable and in control of my chronic illness.

      • Ashby


        @goblin49 thank you! i went to the cardiologist today and i’m going to have some tests done to screen for an aneurysm and i’m going to get checked up every six months. i have changed my diet by cutting out red meat, fried foods, fast food, saturated fats, etc. to lower my cholesterol levels. it’s unlikely that i have an aneurysm right now but it is likely that i will develop one when i’m older. but i feel a lot better knowing that i’m being monitored and with changes to my diet.

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One user suggests that anxiety and worry can affect cholesterol and blood pressure, which in turn affects anxiety. They recommend eating healthy and exercising to help manage these levels. Another user shares their experience with incorporating foods like oatmeal, apples, beans, veggies, chia seeds, and salmon into their diet to naturally lower cholesterol. Additionally, they mention taking Metamucil daily for added benefits.

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