How to deal with adhd making me lose motivation for anything I'm interested in

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Diggus


    Honestly it takes a tons effort. You have to really try to care. I've found that the best way is to surround myself with people that make me do things with them. If you don't have people around you, then you just have to force yourself to do things you loved before, especially when you don't feel like it. Make yourself a list of things to do, and set a date to do them all. Once you're more active, it's way easier to finally just get up.

  • CatKhan


    Don't pressure yourself. Pick something easy and fun. Like a treat. Like before I do something serious I treat myself with something quick and fun first. So I can feel good with a tiny accomplishment. Heck sometimes I stop there with just doing one small thing. And that's ok.

  • Bumbling_Bee


    I just try to do the easy things first. Sometimes I can't do anything at all and I have to just forgive myself for it and try again the next day. If I have something big I absolutely have to do I just try to take it one step at a time. I work on it for five minutes, and then five more, and so on. Or I write one sentence then another. Answer one question, then another. It's kind of a good way to trick your brain because if you're just doing one problem that's not that bad, even though technically you're answering all the questions, you only think about the one. And again, some days even with all that it just doesn't work and I just have to let myself do something that I want to do, or just so nothing at all. It's okay to not be able to do everything or not even do anything.

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