Hey everyone! does anybody have any tips for losing weight that don't have to do with exercise? I'm overweight and it is not helping with my self esteem I just want to lose weight asap but I don't have the motivation to work out, what do I do?


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  • Smalltowngirl2022


    Have you tried intermittent fasting? I tried it almost 2 years ago and still do it. It has a lot of health benefits. I have experienced more energy, even though I am overweight and exercise 3-5 times a week but I am also in the peri-menopause stage in life.

  • Stasia.ana


    Diet is huge. Water, cut down on sugar (specifically high fructose corn syrup), cut grains (mainly wheat, barley, gluten in general), cut red meats, eat more fish, cut alcohol (mostly beer), cut down on fried foods, cut down on starches, use less plastic (drink out of glass bottles instead of plastic, store food in glass containers not plastic), the more raw your veggies the better (so like carrots with a crunch or broccoli with a crunch, not soft veggies), less animal dairy (cow, goat, sheep, etc) I know it sounds like a lot and some sound weird but it all really helps. And you don’t have you go 100% without it but cut down on it and see how much you see a diff. Then once you get results you can cut out more and more slowly. But gluten, dairy, and high fructose corn syrup are the main hitters

    • Doost


      I've never heard that about veggies being better in the raw. I'm assuming it's because the body has to work harder to get to the nutrients than when it's softened up?

  • Nightreader


    So your body will naturally burn calories even at rest just eat beneath your body's required calories and it will take from your fat stores. I believe it does attack muscle first though so protein up. And always seek medical care about this not just random peoples lol. Also the more muscle you build or the more functional your muscle the better your metabolism will be because your body will require more energy to fuel those muscles. If you do get into exercise swimming is less difficult on the joints.

  • darkstarrynight


    The tips I have for losing weight are two things. (Note: I am not overweight myself but I've watched both my parents struggle with being overweight. So this doesn't come from my own experiences, but what they've shared with me.) 1. If you're trying to lose weight, it's kinda like a breaking a bad habit. You shouldn't give up when it gets hard and try to be determined to keep trying, because future you will appreciate it (just don't go on a diet to eat really nasty foods tho). 2. Most people have not mentioned this, yet. (I want to let you know I'm not assuming anything about you, so if this doesn't apply to you, feel free to ignore my upcoming advice.) Most people use food as a source of comfort. Some people use food like it's their friend. (Both my overweight parents do this, what I'm about to mention.) A lot of people eating emotionally. Emotional eating is when you have an uncomfortable emotion like sadness or stress, you stuff your mouth with food to numb the pain. (This is usually the case with sweet foods, but idk if people do it with vegetables and fruit too.) To any people that are emotionally eating, I want you to know that it's not your fault to doing the emotional eating. For certain people, it's an outlet to (not)express their emotions. If you emotionally eat, then you'll need to get rid of this emotional eating habit to really help you lose weight. You'll need to find another outlet to express your emotions, (like journaling) and some free time to do the new outlet. You'll want to replace the emotionally eating habit, with something like listening to music or a Journaling habit(which are usually healthier outlets.) The new outlet will become your new outlet, which will help you lose weight since you're not so emotionally attached to the food.

  • anemone


    i really, really strongly recommend trying exercise too. diet is very important, and i think following the advice in other's comments is still a great idea! but even for people who are physically disabled in ways that limit their ability to exercise, it's vitally important to health (and not just to lose weight, to keep our bodies functioning properly). exercising doesnt have to be 40 push ups or running a mile or going to the gym or anything grand like that. it can start really small. i find that home yoga is very good for keeping the body mobile and strong, and it's a pretty relaxing form of exercise when done right. i like japanese radio exercises for the same reason, but that may not be your style. you could learn chair exercises that are meant to be done at a table or desk, and even doing a few leg lifts from bed can be excercise. you can find tutorials for these online. things like this may not make pounds of difference, but they can still help to raise your metabolism - and eventually you may find yourself wanting to increase the duration or intensity of your exercise in ways that will more drastically impact your weight. it gets a lot easier to do consistently with practice. starting out, it's really hard to get motivated, but after starting slow with a simple and easy routine, it will quickly just become a normal part of your day. i recommend the app finch here - it's a great general health/self-care app with a cute pet you raise by completing self-care tasks. they have these kinds of simple exercises as possible tasks and they offer a gif and a timer to help you do them. i lost around 50 lb for the first time in my life by starting small with my exercise and building it up, along with changes to my diet. i had tried calorie counting, beach body diets, elimination, changing my meal times, and none of those alone made much difference because i tried to use them without exercise. (i also had to be a lot more aggressive with the diets because of it, so they were usually not very sustainable). if you really want to lose weight, especially if you want to see quick progress, you will need to get over that lack of motivation.

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