What pain relief or what do you use in the Pm to help you fall asleep and to keep you asleep. I am struggling with sleep. My tizandine only does so much. It’s a life changer. Unfortunately, I need more than what my doctor prescribes. I understand overtaking medication isn’t recommend so safe it. I am Just trying to survive. Melatonin doesn’t help. I just need your best and no blame. I get enough of that with all my million mdoctors.


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  • Dbl_A


    Oral RSO with medical cannabis card

    • BearcatBetch


      I do have my marijuana card from Ohio. It’s just so damn expensive.

  • Triviaguru23


    Valerian root

  • AsherSD


    Chamomile tea!!!!!!!

  • dandanchicken


    Smoking cannabis or ingesting it somehow helps! Edibles are really great too! Especially for sleeping. If you get your card and get your stuff from a dispensary the people that work there are really knowledgeable and could direct you to a strain that really really helps with sleeping. You said Melatonin doesn't help. For me, I don't take it to get to sleep but rather STAY asleep. Flexeril helps me GET to sleep... Sleeping in COMPLETE blackness will help a lot! I can't fully block my window and sleeping with an eye mask really helps.

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