Let’s share some positivity! Share there or more of your favorite coping strategies or words of advice. I’ll go first

1. Taking some time to do something nice for myself like taking a bath or making tea or watching a movie.
2. Making sure to note everything during some of the best moments:the smells, taste, sights, sounds. It gives me something vivid to reflect on when things get bad. And I know that bad moments came before that beautiful moment so it helps me reason with myself and realize that there are still good things to come in the future even when it feels impossible.
3. Physical stimuli like holding a hot water or some ice or eating very spiced food. Helps me snap out of it and reset myself.

And of course meds!

Bipolar Disorder


Anxiety (Including GAD)

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • proudcloud


    1. Laughter, somehow and someway - even if it's an internal giggle. I would recommend a podcast called "tastebuds". Joe derosa is a great comedian. 2. Meditation!!!! With the constant anxiety, it helps to relax my mind and body for even 5 minutes while I meditate. 3. Helping other people, here on this app. At least trying to help really gets you out of your own slump and helps bring you into a better place while bringing someone else to a better place at the same time.

  • DitsyDiabetic


    1. Cannabis to halt the autistic meltdown so it’s ONLY bipolar episode (also makes psychosis more mild if applicable) 2. Talking to someone who understands. Best way to quell intrusive thoughts imo 3. If nothing else, SLEEP. Can’t be losing your mind if you’re asleep 4. Kratom is also pretty good at ending episodes, but that’s a little more controversial so take that with a grain of salt 🤷🏻‍♂️ Inbox is always open 💜

  • klazikel


    1. Mindfulness-its cliché now, but still true. Being mindful in the moment, appreciating and acknowledging the here and now. 2. Music-i don't think I would get through a day without some kind of music. The rhythm, the melody, the harmony, the lyrics all help me to express myself and regulate my breathing when I sing along. 3. Marijuana-helps keep me even, not too hyped, not too anxious, not too down, just right. My own personal goldie locks zone. I just noticed that's 3 Ms...hmmm.

  • Bird1620


    1 daily wins. Every day I list something that was a win. Can be big or even just "I had a nice cup of coffee today" helps me see more balance in my life and not just focus on the negatives 2. Practice self soothing daily 3. Actively work on not isolating, be a better friend and ask for support if I need it 4. Be on top of my meds and my treatment plan!! Go to every appointment and be brutally honest

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