Does anyone have any good coping techniques? Today has been rough.


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  • catgames4033


    If your angry just scream your frustrations into a pillow

  • magniloquent


    A walk ☺️ even if I don't feel like moving at all, a walk outside usually helps. Doesn't solve it, but it's a little bit of a pick-me-up for me

  • Kay2002


    Usually the most effective thing for me is to lay in bed, close my eyes for a minute to understand the emotions I felt that day, and then sleep it off. Taking a good long nap after that helps me

  • SlappyMcGhee


    If you're in a safe space I'd recommend laying or sitting down and closing your eyes. Take some deep breaths. Then, think about a simple task (making a pb&j, washing your hands, etc.) in great detail. Think about every little action you'd make to complete the task. Keep doing deep breaths while you do so!

  • Dade


    Make sure to express yourself and do it by doing something you find relaxing and enjoyable. Cook if you like to, clean if it relaxes you, paint if you can't produce words to describe your feelings. Ultimately do something that does or did make you happy. Just stay safe while doing so.

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