how did you quit vaping without jumping to another substance? really struggling with void-filling at the moment.

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

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  • dozlolz


    whenever I stop smoking I either have to find a really engaging hobby, or find ways to stay out of my house for long periods of time without having access to nicotine. for example, i’ll commit to studying longer after class by inviting my friends to study with me, or i’ll pick up more shifts at work so i’m obligated to be somewhere with no option to leave for a certain period of time.

  • frances4ever


    i was too broke to keep buying pods so i quit cold turkey. it was around the time i started my job at a coffee shop so i sort of replaced it with caffeine i guess? i didn’t have bad cravings though so i don’t know what advice to give there :/

  • RattleBalls


    My addiction was so bad that my partner said that i either quit vaping or we break up. I would spend hundreds of dollars a week and all i did was built coils and vape. What i had to do was drain all of my juice, smash my mod and tank, destroy the batteries, and throw it away. I still relapsed a year or so after being clean but im still going strong. For me its all mental, i told myself i needed it and i believed it. Its rough but you can do it!

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