Hi everyone. I’m curious if people have a tough time in the mornings with their POTS symptoms and how they manage? I feel like I’m being chased by a bear from the moment I wake up but I’m just sitting on the couch. I take my medications and drink water and a protein shake but I feel like it takes hours for me to get to a place where I can start moving. Any ideas would be great.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • noaa


    I always keep my morning meds + some Gatorade and a salty snack by my bed. also take it easy and make sure you're not too dizzy when you get up

  • Goose33


    I go through the same thing, have yet to find a solution but you’re not alone!

  • StrongZebra85


    If I’m dizzy I’ll wait until it’s better and then get up slowly. I’ll put my compression socks right away from the moment I wake up and take them for to shower. Then they’re back on again. I also keep SaltStick tablets on my nightstand, a salty snack, electrolytes like liquid IV ( I try to stay away from Gatorade because it has a lot of sugar) and V8 juice because my neurologist recommended it. The V8 juices helps me a lot because it has a lot of sodium. I also do daily IV saline infusions so that always helps since my POTS is so severe

  • wreckedwill2017


    I count on salt and hydration first thing every morning or I’m off the whole day

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