What is it?

Vulvar vestibulitis (VVS) is a type of vulvodynia - a pain around the vulva (the sex organs outside a woman’s body). The pain is in a part called vestibule, which place around the opening of your vagina.

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Signs & symptoms

Vulvar vestibulitis symptoms include:
- Pain from pressure, sex, or using a tampon
- A burning sensation
- Stinging
- An unusual vaginal discharge
- Small red spots around the vestibular glands
- Urinating frequency and urgency


Your GYN will look for redness around your vulva. Using a soft material such as cotton swab he or she may touch different parts of your vulva to investigate for any pain. You might be asked about your medical history, sexual partners, and your period.


Treatment varies and include:
- Use a mild soap.
- Don’t wear tight clothes.
- Wear breathable clothes, such as cotton.
- Avoid activities that may put pressure on your vagina, like biking.
- Consume less alcohol, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners.
- Avoid hot tubs and hot baths.

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