What is it?

Von Willebrand's disease is an hereditary blood disorder, characterized by clotting problems. Von Willebrand is a clotting factor in the clotting system which makes the platelets stick together and attach to the blood vessel wall after an injury. Sometimes, these people may also suffer from deficiency in factor VIII.

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Signs & symptoms

Most people with Von Willebrand's won’t know they have it because they will not have any symptoms. Symptoms may include excessive bleeding after an injury, surgery, or dental work, frequent nosebleeds, heavy or long menstrual periods, blood in urine or stools and easy bruising.


Diagnosis is based upon findings from medical history and physical examination. Further evaluation may include Von Willebrand factor antigen and activity test as well as Von Willebrand factor multimers which helps identify the type of the disease.


Treatment depends on the type of disease and its severity and may include desmopressin injection, blood clotting factors replacement therapies, oral contraceptives for women, and clot stabilizing medications.

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