What is it?

A testicular dysfunction is a state where your testis, two olive size organs located in your scrotum, do not function properly.
The testicles are responsible for making male hormones and producing sperm. A dysfunction of the testis can lead to low testosterone (the male hormone) levels and infertility.
The term hypogonadism is used when your body does not produce enough testosterone.
Testicular dysfunction can be congenital, which means you were born with it, or acquired due to testicular trauma or cancer, testicular torsion, or problems originating in your brain.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Hypogonadism
- Postablative Testicular Hypofunction
- Testicular Hyperfunction
- Hypersecretion of testicular hormones

Signs & symptoms

The signs and symptoms vary according to the age of onset:
A congenital disorder may lead to the development of female genitals, or underdeveloped male genital.
If the disorder appears in childhood or adolescence, you might see delayed puberty and breast development (called gynecomastia)
In adulthood you may experience decreased sex drive (libido), tiredness and depression.


Physical exam: your doctor will exam your testis, as well as your hair growth pattern, breasts and more. You will be asked questions in order to identify a cause for the dysfunction.
Blood test to check your testosterone levels.
Other blood tests and imaging may be needed after a diagnosis is made.


The treatment will be determined by your symptoms and cause of dysfunction.
It might include androgen replacement therapy, designed to compensate for the lack of testosterone in your body. This treatment can improve your sex drive, tiredness and increase body muscle mass.

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