What is it?

Roemheld syndrome, also known as gastrocardiac syndrome or gastro heart syndrome, describes a group of symptoms that are triggered by excessive gas accumulation in the stomach. This syndrome mainly concerns heart complaints, manifested with chest tightness and chest pain.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Gastrocardiac syndrome

Signs & symptoms

Some of the known symptoms of Roemheld syndrome are:
- Heart problems
- Shortness of breath
- Hot flashes
- Anxiety


Roemheld syndrome is diagnosed by ruling out possible diseases of the heart which may be life threatening. As soon as serious cardiac disease is ruled out, Roemheld syndrome can be diagnosed.


The treatment of Roemheld syndrome is directed at the trigger. It can be treated by avoiding certain food, medications, or even surgery if the cause to the symptoms lies in a surgical disease such as hernia.

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