What is it?

Mononeuritis multiplex is a disorder of the nervous system. It can result in severe pain, loss of motor ability, and loss of sensation in at least two separate areas of the body. The areas affected by MNM depend on the underlying cause of the condition

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Signs & symptoms

The symptoms may vary depending on the type of nerves that are damaged. Symptoms may include:
- weakness in one or more limbs
- loss of feeling in one or more areas of your body
- incontinence
- paralysis of part of your body
- tingling or discomfort in one or more areas of your body


Major part of the diagnosis focuses on investigating the cause of the neuropathy. Your doctor will ask you for a detailed medical history. They’ll also perform examinations and tests on your neuromuscular system and your reflexes. Two unrelated nerve areas must be affected for a diagnosis. Your doctor may recommend the following tests:
- nerve biopsy: a microscopic examination of a nerve
- electromyogram: an evaluation the electrical activity of your muscles
- nerve conduction tests: a measurement of the speed of your nerve impulses

Additional tests may include:
- blood chemistry tests
- imaging scans
- rheumatoid factor test
- thyroid tests
- sedimentation rate
- X-rays


Treatment of mononeuritis depends on the disorder that is causing your condition. First, your doctor must determine the underlying condition.
A neuromuscular neurologist will develop your treatment plan. You will also have a consultation with a rheumatologist if you have any diseases that involve connective tissue. An example of this type of disease is arthritis.
The aims of the treatment are to:
- address the illness that is the cause of the problem
- control symptoms with medication or nutritional supplementation
- provide care and support to increase your independence

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