What is it?

Misophonia, or selective sound sensitivity syndrome, small sounds become disturbing and unbearable. Some sounds may cause people with misophonia an extreme urge to leave the place or stop the noise. Misophonia usually begins in the preteen or teen years. Common misophonia triggers include sounds that are made by other people such as swallowing, breathing, throat clearing, and sounds like writing, clock ticking, shows scuffing and many more. People who suffer from misophonia may also have OCD, anxiety disorders, Tourette syndrome and tinnitus.

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Signs & symptoms

The main symptom of misophonia is a strong negative reaction to some triggering sounds.This reaction might include irritation, disgust, anxiety, anger, aggression, pressure throughout the body, increased heart rate and blood pressure.


Diagnosis is based upon findings from medical history and physical examination. Further evaluation may include a conversation with a mental health professional.


Treatment may include counseling and coping strategies such as noise-canceling headphones, listening to white noise or calming music and more.

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