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Lumbar radiculopathy is irritation or inflammation of a nerve root in the low back. With lumbar radiculopathy, nerve roots in the low back become irritated, which leads to pain and symptoms that spread out from the back down one or both legs. The condition is often called sciatica, because the sciatic nerve is commonly involved. Some of the causes for lumber radiculopathy are: aging, injury, poor posture, extra body weight, and other issues.

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Additional names

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- Radiculopathy of lumbar region

Signs & symptoms

Symptoms for lumbar radiculopathy may include pain in the low back, muscle spasm, numbness, or muscle weakness that travels into the buttocks, groin, hip, or leg.


Diagnosis of lumber radiculopathy is done by asking you about your clinical condition and complaints, then performing a physical examination. If the healthcare provider suspects lumber radiculopathy then he or she may refer you to MRI, CT scans, and/or contrast myelography.


The core of lumber radiculopathy treatment is pain relieve. This includes: over-the-counter pain medicines, limits on position and activities that increase pain, physical therapy, steroid injection into the lower back, and losing weight if in overweight.

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