What is it?

Lipomas are soft, fatty lumps that grow under your skin. They are classified as benign, non-cancerous, tumors and they are usually harmless.
Lipomas can develop anywhere along your body, but it is commonly seen in the neck, shoulders, arms and thighs.
The exact cause is unknown, but you have a higher chance of developing lipomas if it runs in your family, or if you were recently injured.

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Signs & symptoms

Lipoma usually appears without any sign and symptoms. It might be painful if it touches a nerve under your skin.
Lipomas are soft to the touch, easily moved, commonly less than 2 inches wide lumps. When you press them, they will feel like a dough under your skin.


A physical exam is usually enough to make a diagnosis.
In some cases, your doctor will want to perform a biopsy, meaning a small part of your lipoma will be extracted and examined under the microscope, in order to reach a definite diagnosis.


Most lipomas do not require treatment, unless they bother you esthetically.
If you wish to remove your lipoma, it is usually done surgically.

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