What is it?

Hyperprolactinemia refers to excess secretion of the hormone prolactin, which is secreted from the pituitary gland and helps stimulate and maintain breast milk production. High levels of prolactin are normal in pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Hyperprolactinemia may be caused due to pituitary tumors, which are typically benign, certain medication, Cushing syndrome, infection or trauma to the hypothalamus, and cirrhosis of the liver.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms in men may include erectile dysfunction, abnormal breath growth, lactation, infertiility, loss of sexual desire, headaches, and vision changes. Symptoms in women may include infertility, irregular periods, changes in menstrual cycle, loss of libido, lactation, pain in breast and vaginal dryness.


Diagnosis is based upon findings from medical history and physical examination. Further evaluation may include blood tests, and brain MRI.


Treatment depends on the underlying cause and may include surgery, radiation, synthetic thyroid hormones, changes in medications and a medication that reduces prolactin called bromocriptine or cabergoline.

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