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The visual pathway is a term describing the nerve route that produces vision. It comprises structures that carry visual information from the eyes to the brain, including the retina, the optic nerve, and more. Injuries in one or more of these structures can cause a variety of visual defects. There are many possible causes of damage to the visual pathway, including diabetes, stroke, head trauma, tumors, infections, and more. If an injury to the visual pathway is suspected, one should seek medical help immediately. If left untreated, some conditions may be unreversible and cause blindness.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of visual pathway disorders differ greatly depending on the specific condition and may include:
- Tunnel vision or other changes in visual fields.
- Blurred vision.
- Blind spots, or spots of distorted vision.
- Vision changes – a perception of colors, light, or shapes.
- Blindness in one eye or both eyes.


Disorders of the visual pathway can be detected during an eye exam performed by an ophthalmologist. During the exam, the physician will assess both eyes and use other tests, such as ultrasound, retinal blood flow evaluation, and measurement of the eye’s pressure.


Treatment of Disorders of the visual pathway depends significantly on the specific condition and the cause of it. The physician may prescribe medications or eye drops. In some cases, no treatment is required, and in other cases, surgery is indicated.

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