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Smell and taste are closely linked. The tongue's taste buds identify taste, and the nerves in the nose identify the smell. The nerves send the information to the brain, where it is integrated so that flavors are communicated and appreciated. A partial or complete loss of smell are the most common disorders- hyposmia and anosmia. Causes for loss of sense and smell include a stuffed up nasal passage in a common cold, damage to the smell receptors when suffering from a flu or from COVID-19, and tumors. Oversensitivity to smell is more common in pregnant women. Dysosmia or a distorted sense of smell can result from a sinus infection, partial damage to the olfactory nerve, poor dental hygiene, mouth infections, depression, and viral hepatitis. Reduction in the ability to taste or loss of taste commonly results from conditions that affect the tongue, by making it dry, such as Sjogren syndrome, heavy smoking, radiation therapy, drugs, and COVID-19. A distorted taste is usually the result of medications or gingivitis.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Abnormal taste in mouth
- Agnosia for smell
- Anosmia (loss of sense of smell)
- Disorder of olfactory system
- Disorder of taste
- Loss of taste
- Disorder of smell
- Hyperosmia
- Parosmia

Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of disorders of loss of smell and taste may vary and may include not being able to smell or taste anything, and some may have a reduced ability to sense and smell. Others may have a distorted smell or taste- making pleasant smells unpleasant.


After a complete physical examination and medical history, there are some tests which can be done such as comparing tastes and smell of different chemicals or measuring the lowest strength of chemical that one can recognize.


Treatment for smell and taste disorders depend on the symptoms and may include stopping or changing a medicine, treating the underlying problem, quitting smoking and surgery.

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