What is it?

Cervicalgia is neck pain that does not spread to any other area- such as arms or lower back. The neck has a big range of motion. Some movements can cause a sudden or sharp pressure on the neck, causing injury. It could be caused by staying in a poor posture for a long position, such as when sleeping. Other causes may include injury such as whiplash in a car accident, arthritis of osteoporosis, spinal infections, meningitis, and long-term stress.

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Additional names

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- Cervical spine pain
- Neck pain
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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of cervicalgia can be sharp, stabbing pain or a pain that is dull and persistent. Other symptoms may include stiffness or spasm of the neck muscles, impaired neck movements, tenderness in the shoulder, headaches, dizziness and nausea.


Diagnosis of cervicalgia begins with medical history and a physical exam. Then, imaging tests may be done such as X-ray, CT or an MRI. Further tests may include EMG if a pinched nerve is suspected and blood tests for inflammatory or infectious conditions.


Cervicalgia is usually treated with pain relievers, muscle relaxants and tricyclic antidepressants. Physical therapy is recommended. Steroid injections may also be given.

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