What is it?

Thoracic outlet syndrome refers to a group of conditions characterized by compression of the blood vessels and nerves between the collarbone and the first rib. Common causes include trauma and injury, anatomical defects, and pregnancy.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Thoracic outlet syndrome

Signs & symptoms

Symptoms include problems with sensation in the arm, hand and shoulder such as tingling, numbness, pain. Other symptoms may include problems moving the arm, hand or shoulder, discoloration of the hand, blood clot, arm fatigue, throbbing lump near the collarbone, cold fingers, hands or arm, weak or missing pulse in the arm.


Diagnosis is based upon findings from medical history and physical examination. Further evaluation may include imaging tests of the chest and the arms.


Treatment may include physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, pain medication, muscle relaxants, blood thinners, clot-dissolving medications, and surgical procedures.

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