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Sudden blindness in one eye is considered a medical emergency and requires a rapid, decisive diagnosis and treatment. The most common cause of blindness in one eye is reduced blood flow. In other cases, fatty deposits build up on the walls of these blood vessels, reducing the amount of blood that can pass through them. A blood clot, a gel-like clump of blood, could also cause blockage.

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Signs & symptoms

Depending on the underlying disease, blindness of one eye can be accompanied by one or more of the following symptoms:
- Headache or a migraine
- High blood pressure and feeling of the heartbeats
- Confusion
- Dizziness


First, to treat loss of vision in one eye starts with the identification of the underlying medical condition.
When identifying the cause, sudden blindness in one eye may be treated with:
- Medications to thin your blood
- Medications to lower your blood pressure.
- Surgery to clear the plaque in your carotid arteries

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