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Abnormal involuntary movements (also known as 'dyskinesias') are several varieties of dyskinesia, all have different clinical appearances, causes, accompayning symptoms, and treatments. Types of abnormal involuntary movements include tremor, chorea, dystonia and myoclonus.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Benign fasciculation cramp syndrome
- Dyskinesias

Signs & symptoms

Symptoms accympayning dyskinesias depend on the cause.


Diagnosis usually depends on the underlying disease. Some conditions may require genetic tests, while other that caused by drugs merely require to investigate the patient's medical history.


Treatment for abnormal involuntary movements depends on the underlying condition. Some conditions, such Huntington's disease, are hereditary and can't be cured. In these cases, treatment aims to ease the symptoms. Treatment for tremor may include beta blockers, a drug usually intended to slow down the heart rate.

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