to preface this, i am not diagnosed with any sort of ED, so i don't want to feel like i'm intruding by posting here.

my boyfriend has been struggling lately, but today has been so much worse. he used to be in DBT, i currently am, so I offered to go over a skill with him to see if that would help but he said he's tried. on top of feeling lost and hopeless when it comes to helping him here, i feel like this is having a domino effect on me. like i said, i am not diagnosed with an ED, but the more he talks about his, the clearer it is that my eating patterns are not normal. but that isn't the point, i can use skills to get around certain thoughts.

now i want to know how others feel the most supportive when they're struggling? i don't want him to take my not being able to help as enabling

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  • SunInAugust


    What has helped your partner feel supported in the past? Everyone is so unique it might be worth asking him what he wants and needs. Don't forget to take care of yourself, too. For me with me eating, friend eating small things with me helps and people not judging or pushing too hard. M

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