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My right wrist/hand/arm has been bothering for a little while now. It’s slowly getting worse. I’m using a brace and it helps. But the pain is getting so bad that even the brace is starting to bother me. The pain feels so deep in my arm and wrist. Feels like nerve pain. My left one is starting to bother me too. Idk if it’s because I’m using it more since I can’t do much with the right one. IDK what else to do. Pain meds don’t help much. Pain is also spreading to my shoulders. Also my fingers feel as if they are swollen but they’re no. Anyone else experienced this before?

    • verasama


      It sounds a bit like a pinched nerve, to me. Granted, are really bad pinched nerve. Have you tried ice or heat therapy? I know that the last time I pinched a nerve, that really seemed to help me. I have wrist pain a lot, especially if I'm doing certain emotions a lot during the day. I think it's because of my years and years of typing on a keyboard. I also definitely think the left wrist bothering you could be because of using it more. I know you said that pain meds haven't helped, but have you tried anytime flammatory, like ibuprofen? My friend, whose mother is a doctor, said that sometimes an anti-inflammatory can help.

    • Elle01


      I get pain that radiates often from my neck and along all of my limbs. The pain ranges from pins and needles/ numbness to sharp shooting pains. I do not use a brace or support yet and have mixed views about them as splints limit movements. I find that some movement helps me. I am not able to function at all hardly without the pregablin. I get flu like symptoms without it. Aching joints throughout and general weakness. I have to take codeine when dealing with bad bouts during flare-ups. It helps to an extent but wares off. I do not like to take codeine as it then causes me more pain through constipation. I have drug allergies, so I have very limited options.

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