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summary; advice on post top surgery bloat for a fellow queer dealing w eating disorder and dysmorphia —— Feelin a bit horrible body wise. I had my top surgery (yay!) 11 days ago (March 6th) I am very happy about a lot of things! I’m also afraid to complain about anything because I’ve worked so hard to get here I don’t want people to think I regret surgery - I so do not. HOWEVER I’m struggling. The post surgery bloat is NO JOKE. I look like Gollum 👹🥲🫃 I haven’t been this puffed since my first binge at sixteen. It’s overwhelming and I’m worried about the longevity of it - I’ve heard from 2 weeks to 6th months till the swelling and bruising normalizes.I look like my mom when she was popping pregnant with my twins! I have a life long history of SH and ED specifically Ana/restrictive purge type, and I’ve always relied on my 10-20k steps a day to keep me feeling alright and looking okay. Now I’m stagnant with a I feel like I shouldn’t be eating what I am since I’m averaging a mile or two only a day by pacing around my house. I’m not backed up or anything and I stopped taking OTC yesterday and the prescription meds three days ago. I want to weigh myself but I know I shouldn’t, before surgery my BMI was 22.3 which already was ‘too high’ for me (I’m most at peace around bmi 20.5 but I had to gain weight to go through surgery) and I am feeling very stressed and scared ! I touch the skin of my stomach and it ripples like a waterbed. I am so uncomfortable it makes the compression vest close to unbearable and doing my T shot really difficult. I’ve been taking lax and diuretics and pacing after I eat to try and beat it and I drink water and Gatorade zero. Has anyone else had a hard time with bloat/ had it be this extreme? Any advice or words of comfort or wisdom? Anything would be appreciated :(

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      Im sorry to hear that you're going through that. It will not look like that forever, like you said. Your body is just healing. It is ok!! 11 days isn't even a full 2 weeks. Try to remember that it does go away!

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One user mentioned experiencing extreme bloating and discomfort after surgery, and others have also dealt with constant bloating. Some suggestions to help with bloating include eating smaller meals, practicing yoga, and trying supplements like Tri-Enza before meals to aid digestion. Wearing loose-fitting clothes can also provide some relief from the discomfort. It's important to reach out to a specialist or doctor for personalized advice and support during this time.

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