I'm open to any suggestions or motivation to help in non medical ways. It's been a rough journey and I've currently been fairly nonfunctional.

acute lethargy

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Generalized pain

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  • hails711


    For us the Clint Paddison diet has been a major help for me

    • TNTtheorist


      what does that entail?

      • hails711


        sorry! I'm only getting notifications about similar posts but not comments on my comments. The Clint Paddison diet was developed by a guy of that name who had RA. He spent years testing and developing the best diet to get results without medications. You can get the info for free on YouTube. Basically it's vegan, low fat, and low sugar. He recommends going gluten free too because that's a trigger food for some people, but it's not a requirement. I have since I wanted the best chance at feeling better. It says it takes 1-3 months to notices results, but you'll notice a decrease in pain after just a week

  • Sarahp


    Cutting out or significantly reducing sugar unfortunately helps. Same with alcohol and most substances—they will temporarily make your pain better but worse in the long run. I love a good bath. I sleep longer to cope with the fatigue and pain. Also try trauma therapy. A lot of chronic pain is tied to childhood trauma. Prolonged exposure therapy or a group therapy have the most evidence, but some people swear by EMDR. I would also just recommend therapy like CBT and DBT to cope with pain, pain-related anxiety, pain catastrophizing, depression, and distress tolerance in general. ACT can also be a great therapy for this. mindfulness has done wonders for me. Massages when I feel like I can’t take it anymore. Lastly, I try to focus on what I value, which can be hard because of how pain can keep you from what you value, but there are often ways.

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