Real quick: someone tell me to eat something.

I'm hungry but I weighed myself and I'm 2lbs heavier than my last weight and I feel like I don't deserve to eat now.

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  • Ol_Bear


    Eat somethin.

  • Emperor_Kai


    You don’t have to earn food! Your body is evolutionarily built to retain weight. AND Aphrodite herself has belly rolls! Just look at the statues of her, she ROCKS those rolls and looks beautiful! Have some food! If you don’t feel up to a full meal, a nice snack is good as well. You deserve food, and ALWAYS will.

  • Phy201


    Things you may already know... sending your body into starvation will only make any weight loss temporary and easier to regain. Your weight is not entirely related to food. You have worth for things other than size. You deserve happiness. You deserve a break from negative self talk. Please eat, most of all you deserve food multiple times a day, every single day, no matter what your weight is.

  • WolfKitty


    Please eat something 🥺

  • LyricRainn111


    What Phy201 said!!! Starving will cause temporary weight loss and then have you gain it back. Don’t do that to yourself, you will only feel worse in the long run mentally and physically. You don’t have to earn food. You deserve to have a healthy relationship with food. Please eat something.

  • SmolSnacc


    Hi there! It’s normal for your body to fluctuate 7 ish pounds or so up and down. Please eat. 💕

  • GuardedbyAngels33


    If you gain weight like that it just may be your body trying to compensate for not drinking/eating enough.

  • snailcat


    As someone who has caused permanent damage to their body, please eat, love. You don't wanna end up like me. Now I'm in my 30s, and I wish I would have taken better care of myself. You can get rid of that two pounds easy, but you can't reverse starvation and/or bingeing/purging. You deserve nutrition. You deserve it. Your eating disorder is lying to you. You can do this. Even if it's a safe food, just eat what you can

  • niceshyguy


    I truly hope you were able to eat

  • E_belli


    Eat eat yummy yummy! Food is your friend and helps keep you moving. You definitely deserve nourishment no matter what the numbers say. Somebody told me this way back when so Idk if it helps, but to think this way but you can actually lose 3 lbs just by taking a dump in like 5 minutes lol for real. or drinking a lot of water. 2 lbs is no worries! (I know much easier said than believed) my relationship with food goes thru good and bad periods (having weights on completely opposite sides of the spectrum) but I try to think of it as few pounds as more of a daily fluctuating number rather than a constant. I hope you ate something. Keep reaching out if you need support, we’re all here to help!

  • Wesj75


    Why care what others think? It's your body. Be happy in it. Besides, looks fade in time. What should matter is who you are as a person

  • crumbling_shell


    Remember there's a long list of reasons for your weight to go up 2lbs that aren't actual body mass increase, you could be bloated, if you're afab you could be coming up on your period, you could've eaten a little more salt than your body was used to yesterday, you could be constipated, etc. None of these are an increase in how much your body weighs, just the "objects" (for lack of a better word) in your body. Also from experience losing 2lbs isn't nearly as hard as damage control for a binging episode. This response is a little late but I hope it's useful for next time or whenever you see it :)

  • MissWilwarin


    Your weight fluctuates throughout the day, and a difference of 2lbs is nothing. Your weight could drop 2lbs just from going to the bathroom. So if you’re hungry, eat. Just eat slowly so you don’t over eat and then feel sick from being too full.

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