I just wanted to post this here because I think it's something to really look into. especially if you have fibro and are kinda at a dead end-

but i found this thing called Axiobionics and they make gear that can help people with certain types chronic pain. if you respond really well to a tims unit it's basically taking that concept and putting small little units in a custom brace.

i don't want to give any false hope- and im not guaranteeing anything. but i am working with them and it seems to be a real possibility- and it nocked down my pain from a 10 to a 4.

so if you are interested I would definitely look into them. it's a small team of people in Ann arbor MI and they are really friendly!

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  • royalty


    Hey I'm from MI lol. Might be worth looking into

  • SavageSav


    I already submitted a contact request form 👍🏻🤣

  • kee


    i’m from michigan and i’m definitely going to be looking into this!

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