I don't know what to do anymore, i am always so depressed, and i get shamed for it, i don't feel love by anyone, with all my conditions, i feel more like a burden than a person.

Generalized pain

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  • Wondercell


    I totally understand. Same. Depression can b from the fact that we hafta accept this condition & we know that's a very mundane life. 😥

  • Beeble


    we get you, we're also very similar! just know that if people can't handle you they can go find less. we've got alot going on too and it's taxing but living is worth it and you can find some truly great people! if you wanna be friends go ahead and message us!

  • Sunshineseeker90


    F*** people. You are not a burden. Everyone with a disability feels like they are a burden. Your value is in your existence and in your make up, it has nothing to do with your level of "production" in society. F*** em. I say this as a friend of too many loved ones with depression. It is so painful to see the ones I love not know they're worth. Even if you had the misfortune of being around people who made you feel like burden (its an awful place to be in), I can relate to that, as anyone with a disability can. Still... that Does not 👏 dictate 👏 your value👏. 🙌💕 You are a gem.

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