Lately, I've been feeling like a burden. I want to feel loved, valued. But everytime I try to go about obtaining this, I end up failing.

I promise not to do anything....permanent but sometimes, I feel like things would be better if I did not exist.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

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  • MeeB333


    YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Plenty of us feel this way, too… When you have mental health &/or medical health issues, it is difficult to not feel like a burden sometimes(or all the time), but unburden yourself of the thought that it would somehow be better or easier if U were not here. I promise U that life, with all of its ups & downs, is absolutely worth living and that no one would be better off without you. We all have dark moments, but do yourself a favor and don’t let it linger too long, or allow yourself to get stuck in such a very negative mindset. Remember, “This, too, shall pass.” That goes for both the good & the bad, my friend... Moments are fleeting, & change is inevitable. The tide always turns, & there will always be something new to discover around the next bend. So, understand that what you are feeling is entirely normal & actually really to be expected when dealing with the issues we’re faced with in this life. But, know that it doesn’t mean that you will always feel this way, & that we are extremely resilient and strong to withstand the weight of our own difficulties. We all deserve compassion and respect and love, but we have to start, first, by being brave enough to offer these things to ourselves, just as we would for a friend or loved one in need. Acknowledge your pain & feelings, but don’t dwell on them. Make that effort to get outside of your own head by doing something that feels good, like being kind, helping others, nurturing yourself, devoting a day to self-care, or whatever makes you feel useful, content, joyful &/or alive. This crazy world & the people in it are, unfortunately, not always so kind, so try to be your own best friend, instead of your own worst enemy. We have enough problems to deal with, so we don’t need to add to them by treating ourselves unkindly, too. You are WORTHWHILE. You are just as important as anyone else on this planet, & you deserve to be here just as much, as well. I know that it’s really hard to see the sunshine through those dark clouds sometimes, but you have to just do your best to play in the rain until you feel that glow on your face again. The rain never lasts forever. There will always be a break in the clouds, if you just keep your eyes open & your head held high!! 💜 Take Care! 💚

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