does anyone have advice for chronic back pain? I've been seeing a chiropractor somewhat regularly for the last 3 years. usually the pain is in my upper back, but it hurts everywhere once in a while. is it my posture? how can I fix it? I don't want to feel this pain forever. it hurts every day.

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  • Shipper


    Hi! I use a heating pad on my back pretty much every day to help loosen up my muscles and joints in my back. I use it to help me fall asleep and wake up less stiff. Depending on if you have widespread or hotspots, there’s also a lot of good targeted pain relief like biofreeze (better version of icyhot). I also will get a massage every 2 weeks- 1 month to help get out the deep set knots in my back. I have a masseuse who’s specific for fibromyalgia but i used to use massage envy and they helped a ton! Hope this helped! :)

  • Magnolia_Mae


    Hi, my chronic back pain never got better until I went to physical therapy. If you have a primary care physician you could ask for a referral to see one. I did 10 sessions with them and they sent me home with printouts of different exercises to do a few days a week. I slacked on doing them consistently when my sessions were over and my back pain returned. I know it was the only thing that worked, so maybe it will help you too.

    • catdad


      hey I really appreciate this advice! I've honestly been wondering if I need to see a different kind of doctor or something because going to the chiropractor helps, but only for a couple days.

  • catdad


    the heating pad is a really good idea and sounds like a comfy time! I should get one for sure.

  • Mayflower22


    I had chronic back pain for years and finally went to physical therapy. They used a combination of chiropractic, exercise, and medical methods such as cupping, an electric pulse system (tens unit) and the use of a medical laser to help strengthen the muscles. I did the get on a bike and use the stretch bands therapy and it did nothing. The different methods changes my life and I still use the exercises now when I feel any pain.

  • Raspberry1996


    Physical therapy helped me immensely.

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