Does anyone deal with hallucinations?

Bipolar 2 disorder

Visual Disturbances

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  • Reblynn


    When I am really stressed, tired, and struggling I do but not often.

  • HocusPocus


    I do! I have little ones basically daily, but they get a lot worse if I am sleep deprived or in a rough patch emotionally

  • maic


    In the past, yes. Not anymore. they were never scary ones, I would be able to appreciate that they weren't real after a second. The first ones I remember was when I was a server at my first restaurant job and would occasionally see kids running from table to table and hiding under the tablecloth as I was cleaning my section at the end of the night. It would catch my eye but I'd realize it wasn't real and go on with my evening. I also experienced feeling/hearing someone walk in a room behind me and turn around with no one there. I'd hear people calling my name (usually my mom's voice) pretty often. The most interesting was a mixture of a tactile/visual/auditory hallucination where I would hear tables vibrating in a room, so I would look closely and see them vibrating, then I would put my hand on them and *feel them vibrating. Majority of these I would contribute to drugs I was taking that triggered mania. Starting new antidepressants were always bound to instigate these for a time

  • Harvey78


    Abilify caused hallucinations in my son. We got him off of it and hes been fine.

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